10 Places to Discover in Fethiye, Turkey

These travels were an experimentation to prove that it`s possible to travel to many wonderful places but would not cost me an arm and a leg.

Traveling means never having to say you`re broke… or hungry. Traveling must be a fun experience, not a financial burden. After all, travel memories (whatever sort they are) should be an indelible print in some chapter of our book called LIFE. These memories should be so indelible that even after decades, we take a trip down memory lane in so much awe and laughter. We reminisce with that level of fulfillment that helps us to appreciate or value life even more.

Run away with me on an inexpensive anonymous adventure!


And just as the sun began to spread its glorious rays, I was barely 5 kilometres away from entering Fethiye. To see mountains on both sides of the road was such a relief that sent me over the edge. It was going to be my first time ever to set foot in this most talked about part of the Aegean. Fethiye prides herself in pristine still bays and being one of the best summer destinations in Europe for water sports such as diving, kiteboarding and paragliding.

If you’ve heard about Fethiye, you may already have an idea of popular places you can find there, such as Oludeniz, Dalyan and Kayakoy. But there are so many more wonders to be unveiled.


Named after the color of its sands and soil, the captivating beauty of Red Island woke up my lazy bones like a Caramel Macchiato would.





They are seven islands that are close to each other. The Aquarium Bay, 30 meters deep, has got quiet cyan water perfect for a dive and a day-long swim. A snorkeling gear would come in handy as well. If you climb all the way to the top of the hills, you can get an awe-inspiring view of the landscape of the Olive Island sprawling right before you.





Gocek (pronounced “Gu-jek”) is another crowning glory of the Aegean Turkey due to its intense blue bays and peaceful nature. This part of Fethiye is a top choice for a docking area for  gorgeous yachts, medium-size boats and catamarans.





Also known as The Spoon Island, Flat Islands look like an enormous spoon lying along the shore. To get a full view of this spoon-like landscape, climb up to the topmost part of the hills. I did so…and I couldn’t get enough of a dozen selfies!





I was fascinated with the islands` diverse kinds of corals lying unspoiled on the seabed. The locals call this place Rabbit Island for this is home to undomesticated species of rabbits. They may be wild but you can approach and feed them.





A trip to Yakapark is best if you are on a Jeep Safari Adventure. It is a complete shift in scenery as you will be driving up the mountains. Don’t miss the bird` s eye view of the urban landscape of Fethiye.

Warning: Watch out for sharp curves.




And here you can find the best and freshest Turkish pancakes (gozleme) !




This ancient Lycian city standing all too proud and graceful on the hill top, nearly a 5-minute drive to  the North from  Yakapark, is a must-see.







And you can`’t go home yet without a visit to Saklikent Canyon as this beauty may be the best part of your Fethiye escapade yet.

Zipline, rafting, bungee jumping and mud bath are among the many activities you can do there. You may hike up the mountains to have a breathtaking view of the canyon too. Make sure to eat a full lunch at the buffet!

(Their lunch buffet is excellent! Those who are on a diet, move along.)

*Entrance to the Canyon: $1.6

Note: If you swim there for 15 minutes, you`’ll get free tea.

         Another 15 minutes and you` ll get another glass of free tea.

         Swim for more than 30 minutes, they`’ll call an ambulance for you. 😊







Xanthos is another ancient Lycian city located on the slopes of a hill as you drive on for about 40 minutes eastward from Saklikent Canyon heading to Demre, Antalya.





Patara is a town south of Antalya where St. Nicholas was born. It`’s where he spent his early years before his priesthood which he spent in another town called Myra until the last day of his life.

Patara Beach is a long stretch along the Mediterranean coast of Antalya. Its wide` sandy beach is perfect for getting that tan you’ve been longing for and for playing sports like football, beach volleyball and baseball and a game of frisbee.




For further details on these adventures, and to know how much I spent on these wonderful travels, you can read the full report called Spend Less, See More(coming soon).














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