How to be Truly Happy


When you feel like it’s skyfall, will you crumble? Will you stand tall and face it all together? Two choices. Two crucial choices. You either submit to your weakness or you wrestle with it and say to yourself that you can do better than to mope around feeling sorry for yourself.

To be truly happy, you might have spent all your energy asking Google. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many articles you have read about boosting self-esteem and empowering yourself. What matters most is how you internalize the things you read. And most of the time, it is easier said than done. Now, how can we truly be happy?

Pains, failures, frustrations and hopelessness can either MAKE OR BREAK US. These hindrances to being truly happy have actually made me hopeful, happy, content, tolerant, optimistic and most importantly they have pushed me to relive my passions. The way I see it, these things are not supposed to bring us down. They are supposed to serve as a stimulus – to push us to go beyond our limits, to maximize our potentials, to get past negative thoughts and emotions and to conquer our fears. To be truly happy, I had to learn to master the basics – to master the three arts.

  1. The Art of Letting Go

Once, twice, or one to many times in our lives some things are just not worth keeping. Friendship can get lousy, marriage can get on the rocks and  material possessions  may fade and become obsolete. Even languages die. Just like our existence, it has got an end. We can only accept that nothing lasts forever.

We`ve got to learn to let go – to let go of things that no longer serve us, to let go of the ones that no longer deserve our trust, respect, affection and loyalty, to let go of the things that crush our faith, passion, self-esteem and dreams. LET GO. We’d rather focus our efforts, time, money and energy on something that can help us to discover our truest potentials, realize our dreams and feel that catalyst pushing us to climb the steepest hill to success and self-discovery.

2. The Art of Tolerance

We cannot exert full control on things and people that are not pleasing to us.

The more we try to exert control, the harder it will be to deal with frustration and disappointment. It is better to not expect anything or anyone to please us. It is better to practice tolerance when it comes to something that is the opposite of what we hold right or acceptable. No expectations. No pressure.

3. The Art of Silence

When you are hurt, being alone in your thoughts is a good therapy.

And then

 there’s only silence...



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