“When it comes to friendship, it`s  quality over quantity.” – a piece of wisdom from my Mathematics teacher back in high school.       I bow.

When it comes to almost anything, I think we should always give priority to quality (as long as we can afford it). However, when it comes to friendship and other kinds of relationships, quality must always come first. If you can`t afford a kilogram of organic, fresh tomatoes for $10, sure you may opt for more and cheaper but low quality ones. On the contrary, if you have only less than a hundred friends on Facebook or Instagram compared to others who have more than a thousand, it surely is NOT a problem … as long as the less than a hundred that you have are good ones.

Just like OLD JEANS and OLD SNEAKERS, genuine OLD FRIENDS just get better with time. You met and knew them 5, 10 or 20 years ago, had the years of your lives together…but later took different paths as part of the nature of the real world. Nevertheless, distance is not a hindrance. What counts is the fact that no matter the distance or circumstance, the memories you shared still live on…and even after 5, 10 or 20 years later you see each other, you feel that the friendship is still so alive. You still feel and think the same for each other. You share laughter once again. And rock hard hugs. The same squeeze. A pinch or two on the cheek. And lots of catching up to do. More like a long…very long trip down memory lane. But that is a likely scenario when it comes to good genuine friends. They get better with time.

Just like good quality sneakers, even after a long-distance walk or run, they won`t betray you. NO BLISTERS. JUST COMFORT. After years of use, sure their color will fade…but the same old comfort they give. And if you try to remember the memories of places you traveled wearing them, you will value and love them more. The same thing goes with OLD JEANS. The older they get, the more comfortable they are to wear.