In your late teens, most probably you are preoccupied with stuff like term papers, university entrance exams, peer pressure, relationship issues, and so on.

In your early twenties, you should already have cards in your hands and you feel like you are on the crossroads of how you`re going to deal the cards right. Whether you are a newbie at work getting bossed around or a fresh graduate trying to make ends meet, your story is not so far different from mine when I was your age. Right after dropping out of school, I landed various jobs – waiting tables at a pizza restaurant, teaching English as a Second Language, answering inbound calls for a foreign telephone company…and back to being an ESL teacher again. In retrospect, my early twenties were a beautiful, action-packed detour of my youth regardless of have-beens if I had only chosen to obtain a degree like a majority of people do.

This should be a crucial stage in your life: to discover and cultivate your deeper understanding of genuine friendship, to discover and nurture your truest passion, to get out there into the real world because whether you like it or not you`re going to get hurt and make mistakes. Well, tough learning comes from tough mistakes, doesn`t it? And then at the end of the day you say “Argh, I want to be a tough grown up already.”

Don`t rush…

Here`s why:

  1. You are the master of your own time and finances. Use both wisely too. This is a vital stage for you to develop good habits especially when it comes to time and money management. And if you truly crave for independence, you are going to need to be good at both aspects. Remember BAD HABITS DIE HARD.

 2.  More places to see with your good friends…for how long you like… 

When you are  single and traveling with friends, the feeling is liberating.


        Picture this: You are having quality time with your buddies and

      your boyfriend is calling like a collector.



3. Get on the road on your own.  Traveling alone has a lot of perks too…(just don’t get lost). Yeah, for instance, being in the same clothes for a couple of days or nights won`t bother anyone else. Or perhaps you forgot to pack some extra underwear, who knows?

4. Some alone time is key to a happier you.

Because YOU are YOU. Some alone time for yourself helps to visualize your goals, reflect on your mistakes and remember who you are as an individual.

When I`m alone in my thoughts, I am free to ponder things of deeper meaning. No one to judge me. Just me and my thoughts. The sad problem is WHAT WE THINK and WHAT WE BELIEVE aren`t always the same thing. In this case, some alone time truly helps me to keep my goals in check, to evaluate my belief system and to remind myself of what I truly value in life…what I truly want from life.


Single in your twenties? Don`t fret …