Bob Sinclar could be one of underrated artists out there who live to make music. To say that his songs are upbeat enough to set the mood of party animals is an understatement. Considering the fact that he IS an incredible house music DJ,  he knows just the perfect beat to match amazing talents such as Gary Pine, Steve Edwards and Big Ali.

If house music is your cup of tea, you might already have Bonnie Bailey in your playlist as well. Just like Bob Sinclar, her songs fit incredibly in the genre and both artists don’t just make music pleasing to the ears and feet but also a meaningful one that spreads a message of Love, Peace, Hope and Celebration of Life.

Why must our children play in the streets?
Broken hearts and faded dreams
Peace and love to everyone that you meet
Don’t you worry, it could be so sweet

Just look to the rainbow, you will see
Sun will shine till eternity
I’ve got so much love in my heart
No one can tear it apart, yeah

Feel the love generation
Feel the love generation

Don’t worry about a thing
It’s gonna be alright
Don’t worry about a thing
It’s gonna be alright

________________________________________________ Love Generation lyrics, 2005

Hats off to Bob Sinclar!