Summer hype has come. Most probably Europe, Asia and the French Polynesia are in your Bucket List. And Turkey? Yeah, why not Turkey? It`s so sad what a lot of people think when you say you want to travel to this country. Unfortunately, the reputation of this country has been marred with terrorism, religious intolerance and bias.

As a travel blogger, I say Turkey is one of must-see summer destinations that should be in your list. However, in this modern era, traveling has become a keyboard or keypad away especially when there are travel warnings, visa requirement, or perhaps your pockets or health are in protest. In such case, you may just enjoy browsing through photos of those dream places on the net. You most certainly have seen Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Cappadocia and Bodrum among all other popular places in Turkey in pictures. Antalya, for instance, crowned as the tourism capital of this country, promises both foreign and domestic markets a vacation of their lifetime. Situated in the Mediterranean, Antalya is gorgeous in her own unique special way. Her lush vegetation, warm turquoise waters, glorious peaks, panoramic landscapes and harbors, long summer months and ancient ruins are surely worth your every penny.


When I was in Antalya two weeks ago, I met a Dutch couple spending their vacation in Turkey in a Camper. I was amazed at how much they love and enjoy their travels in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions here. There was also a German lady I met on a boat tour and she said only one word about Antalya – PARADISE.


And your trip won`t be complete without Olympos. This ancient city dating back from the Lycian period possesses enticing places to discover especially for those whose keen interests are history, geology, ancient civilization and photography. Or are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city? Olympos is more than perfect for you.

Here`’s why…


  1. Mt. Moses and Mt. Olympos that have an altitude of 700+ m and 2000+ m respectively are great for trekking and photography. You can capture the magnificent view of the sprawling landscape from up their peaks. DSC_0482
  2. Chimaera, the so-called “Eternal Fire”, will reignite your passion for Greek mythology. It was, in fact, the source of the original Olympic flame.chimaera.jpg

3. The Lycian Walk.  This is popular among backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you’ve heard about this, Olympos is also a leg of the trip.

4. Cirali. Having a population of approximately one thousand inhabitants, Cirali could be one of the most tranquil, clean and preserved places where you can relax and recollect. Being a settlement of the Lycian period, expect to lavish an opportunity to go back in time just by the sight of tombs, ruins of proofs of Lycian and Greek civilizations, theater and museum. Moreover, Cirali showcases a long stretch of a public beach that’s been awarded a Blue Flag.  It`s beauty is so unspoilt and treasured that it is chosen by the delicate sea turtles as their sanctuary. DSC_0864.JPG


5. Kibala Hotel. Now all you need is a relaxing atmosphere and a sumptuous dinner after a long day under the sun. Don’t think twice. Kibala provides both. Their warm welcoming staff might actually make you feel like you want to stay there for the rest of the year!


The hotel is barely a 10-minute walk to the beach. And the best part? Mornings in Kibala. Fresh morning air, the silent whisper of the mountains around you, the greetings of the many different kinds of flowers right from their garden and various fruit trees that symbolize vitality and grace are all priceless and timeless.


Still having second thoughts? Don`’t.

See you soon. 🙂