(A part taken from my upcoming book ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY)


During my high school days, I would always have a difficult time putting down a book especially novels, biographies and even travel magazines.

Jessica Hart`’s outback novels, as well as Margaret Way`’s, are by far my greatest influences. Jessica Hart writes outback novels so vivid, so unrealistically real that you`ll find yourself lost into the book…trapped in the setting and in the lives of the fictional characters.

I wasn’t born and bred in the outback but her written works left a burning passion in my heart.


The brief trip to Antalya was followed by an overnight stay at a ranch approximately an hour and a half drive from the city center of Ankara. Along the way you`ll pass several hills that are home to tranquil villages. With the windows rolled down, we had a lovely time on the road watching the sights as we passed. Perfect was the word for the sight before me as I approached the gate to the ranch. I had to convince myself that I wasn’t in an outback novel…but had my feet on a ranch for real!

Horses grazing on the hills, snow capped mountains, wooden cottages and a stable complete the picture.




If you`d like to make the most of your stay, plan your visit between the spring and summer seasons. Wake up to the refreshing morning breeze with the sunrise upon your face and the sweet chirping of birds. A hearty breakfast to rev you up for the activities you can do. Spend your day horseback riding, trekking the waterfalls, or feeding the animals. It`s got facilities perfect for a picnic as well as camping spaces. The restaurant gets you covered for all meals of the day.


The ranch also offers an incredible atmosphere for special occasions. It can be a unique setting for a proposal, weddings and birthday parties. It is also fit for team building events and summer camps for schoolchildren. Such a good choice of environment for children to be educated on life outside of the city, to learn and be exposed to nature and practice compassion towards animals.