BACOLOD CITY, dubbed as The City Of Smiles, is the capital city of the Negros Occidental Province with a population of nearly 600,000. How it evolves dramatically into a highly urbanized city and even listed as The Best Place To Live In The Philippines by MoneySense Magazine, you can only see for yourself.

Numerous BPO companies’ building trust in investing in this part of the Philippines helps the growing economy tremendously. They create jobs and attract huge investments. They pave the way for small-scale businesses as well. As the young population coming from other areas of the province continue to flock into the city, both the private and government sectors put in a huge effort to meet their needs and lifestyle. Such an immense change transformed The City Of Smiles into a social, educational and commercial  hub. Numerous universities, health facilities, fitness and entertainment complex, hotels and restaurants host the locals and foreigners. On top of that, there’s an international airport and a port for your transit. No matter your status, you’ll have a fantastic time in The City Of Smiles!

Begin your journey…

1.  You sure didn’t ask your boss for that holiday to fly thousands of miles away from work only to end up in a massive shopping mall, did you? How about a dip in the hot spring? 

Mambucal Resort
is a 45-minute bus ride from the city. The resort offers a lot of activities to choose from: trekking the 7 waterfalls,  zip line,  rowing 🚣 , and camping⛺️ . Dipping in the hot spring is like the ultimate goal of the visit to the place. You may also enjoy a relaxing massage after the dip. There are huts for rent if you prefer not to stay overnight where can enjoy your snacks,  drinks 🍺  and barbecue with friends or family…you may even bring a radio 📻 if you’d prefer to take your music 🎶 with you. Some locals hike the river with beers in their hands (the river is cold enough to chill your 🍺). Trekking the waterfalls is prohibited after 4 pm due to safety concerns. If you are in the mood for a hike, you’d better begin your journey in the morning. And if you are an early riser, you might want that rejuvenating stroll to the north of the resort where there are wild flowers 🌺 , bats 🦇, trees 🌲, etc.  Are you a nature lover? If yes, then I’m sure you wouldn’t miss to listen to the chirping of birds 🐦 , take your time watching and learning about many different species of butterflies 🦋 in the Butterfly Garden.

2.  THE MASSKARA FESTIVAL. It is held by locals in Bacolod City every third weekend of October. It symbolizes warmth and hospitality. Participating teams (or tribes) dance to the local beat wearing unique costumes , headdresses and masks…all lavishly ornamented to project a cheerful mood. This festival has some influence from Germany’s Oktoberfest when everyone can have fun, take life lightly even just for a bit. If you want to picture it out even more, think Oktoberfest.

3.  THE RUINS. It used to be a magnificent mansion in the 1900s home to a Spanish baron and the daughter of a captain of a Galleon. It was burnt by the United States Armed Forces in the Far East so that the Japanese enemies couldn’t use it as their headquarters. If you find history fascinating, this 903 sq.m ruined architecture might just captivate your imagination and take you back in time.

4.   In the mood for a swim?

While Palmas Resort showcases a gorgeous sunset after a day long swim, watching the sunset 🌅 provides peace and quiet you are looking for after a hectic day. An outdoor jacuzzi may even appeal to you just as reinvigorating.

Want an adrenaline rush? Caribbean Resort will surely give your nerves an unforgettable rush.

And Campuestohan is more like adrenaline rush + peace and quiet. Spend a day sightseeing, try the zip line, the rope course and go on a picnic. They’ve got log cabins to stay the night. (Don’t forget to stuff your backpack with something to keep you warm if you plan to do so.)

5.   Love means never having to say you’re HUNGRY. The best thing about The City Of Smiles is that you don’t have to eat in an expensive restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous meal. You can have this for only $5 !!!

On a diet? Oh come on, forget it. With seafoods, everyday is cheat day! Trust me, you won’t get fat 😬😬😬

6.   DESSERT, anyone? For foreigners,  I’d bet you know Starbucks like the back of your hands.
But these three places are worth a try. I’d recommend Calea’s Mud Pie (ice cream cake), Bob’s Caramel Frap, and Kuppa’s Iced Jasmine Tea.

7.   And now you might love something to quench your thirst before heading home to hit the sack.  Pool pubs , bars, you name it… CHILL AND GRAB A BEER!

See you soon 😎🍹🏊🏼‍♀️✈️🏖